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Strawberry Pie Auto

Strawberry Pie Auto grows charming green and pinkish buds covered in trichomes from head to toe with thin and long light orange hairs. It has light purple, red and yellow leaves coming out of the buds, making her a truly exceptional and attractive cultivar.

CBD Auto 1:1 (CBD Crack)

Taste Mango
Room Indoor | Outdoor
Gender Feminized
Genes Sativa / Indica
Genetics Green Crack x CBD Autoflowering
Flowering 9-10 weeks (flushing at 60 days)
Harvest L
Height US up to 35 inches
THC Very Low
CBD Very High
Autoflowering Yes

California’s finest strains. Only autoflowering hybrids. Autoflowers are a special type of cannabis which will automatically flower about 3-4 weeks after germination, and without the need for the light schedule to change to 12/12. On average, autoflowers take around 30% less time to grow than traditional cannabis plants, saving the grower about a month of their time. In warmer climates, this makes it possible to harvest outdoors up to 4 times a year. They also grow perfectly in northern countries, where the summers are very short. Right now, autoflowers are the most popular and advanced product in the world of cannabis seeds.