Vape Cannabis: How-To Guide | SeedsPlug

Vape Cannabis: How-To Guide

Cannabis consumption through vaping has gained tremendous popularity owing to its higher potency, discreet usage, convenience of portable vapes, and potentially healthier impact as compared to traditional smoking. However, with an array of vaping options flooding the market, consumers often find themselves grappling with the specifics of vaping. This guide will walk you through how to vape cannabis using tabletop vaporizers, portable vapes, and vape pens, as well as tips for optimal usage and maintenance to ensure an elevated and sustained vaping experience.

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The pros and cons of smoking weed | SeedsPlug

The Pros and Cons of Smoking Weed

Smoking cannabis has long been a popular method of delivery for both medical and recreational users. While it offers immediate effects, easy dosage control, and high bioavailability, it also poses risks to respiratory health and has a shorter duration of effects compared to other methods. Before starting a cannabis regimen, it’s important to consult a healthcare professional and consider alternative delivery methods such as vaping or whole-plant vaporization.

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A Simple Guide to Cultivating Cannabis | SeedsPlug

A Simple Guide to Cultivating Cannabis

This straightforward guide will walk you through the process of growing cannabis at home, whether for medicinal or recreational use. To produce healthy cannabis plants from seeds at home, cannabis cultivators need to effectively control key elements such as light, water, nutrients, air, and temperature. Your location might dictate whether outdoor or indoor cultivation is more suitable. If you’re interested in cultivating cannabis, read on to learn the essential tools and techniques for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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Deciphering the Quality of Cannabis: From Premium to Subpar | SeedsPlug

Deciphering the Quality of Cannabis: From Premium to Subpar

Identifying high-quality cannabis can be challenging, even for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. However, with the right knowledge, you can easily distinguish top-grade cannabis from inferior products. This article delves into the primary indicators of premium cannabis, including its smell, appearance, texture, and flower structure. Additionally, you’ll learn about the other features of premium cannabis and the red flags to watch out for when detecting inferior products.

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Low-Stress Training: A Beginner's Guide | SeedsPlug

Low-Stress Training: A Beginner’s Guide

Growing cannabis can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be overwhelming for beginners. One technique that can help improve yield while reducing stress on plants is low-stress training (LST). In this article, we’ll explore what LST is, how to perform it on cannabis plants, and answer some common questions about the process. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced grower, LST can help you achieve better results.

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High Times in the Big Apple: A Weed Tourist's Guide to NYC! | SeedsPlug

High Times in the Big Apple: A Weed Tourist’s Guide to NYC!

New York City may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of legal weed, but the city is home to a thriving cannabis culture. As a tourist, it can be overwhelming to navigate the laws and find the best places to eat. Fear not, fellow stoners, as we have compiled a comprehensive guide to weed in the city that never sleeps! Discover the best strains, where to consume, and things to do while stoned in the Big Apple.

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Finding Your Ideal THC Dosage: A Guide to Dosing Considerations for Every Cannabis Product Type

Understanding the right amount of THC to take is like having a marijuana passport. The enormous world of cannabis is yours to explore once you’ve determined the milligram range or THC percentage that works best for you. Finding your dose, though, takes time and work, just as planning a significant vacation does. See how to determine the ideal dose for you based on the product type, how to gradually change the dose, and how various elements might influence a cannabis high. Find the right THC dosage for you for every cannabis product type in this post.

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