Many growers believe photoperiod cannabis yields more than autoflowers. However, autoflower genetics have improved over the years to offer ever-larger yields. And since autos have a shorter growing time than photos, you can get several harvests per year.

How Much Do Autoflowers Usually Yield?

Autoflowers can yield anywhere from 2 ounces of bud per plant to 10 ounces per plant for the highest-yielding cultivars. You may also see yield described in measurements of ounces per square foot, with high-yielding autoflowers producing 1-2 oz/ft2.

The total amount of bud your autoflower plant will produce depends on several factors, including the strain and the growing conditions. For high-yielding autoflower seeds from Fast Buds, USA customers can order from SeedsPlug.

What Is the Highest-Yielding Autoflower?

To get a good yield, you first need to pick the right strain. The following autos are known for high yields:

  • Strawberry Gorilla Auto: This strain pairs indoor yields of up to 2 oz/ft2 with a whopping 27% THC. Strawberry Gorilla is a balanced indica/sativa hybrid with a creative, euphoric high.
  • Forbidden Runtz Auto: This autoflower features dense buds and produces up to 1.8 oz/ft2 in just nine weeks. Forbidden Runtz offers a powerful body high.
  • Banana Purple Punch Auto: Expect up to 1.8 oz/ft2 of gorgeous purple buds from this massive autoflower. Banana Purple Punch is one of the most potent autos at 26% THC.
  • Purple Lemonade Auto: This strain can provide up to 1.6 oz/ft2 of buds coated in trichomes. Smoking Purple Lemonade will give you an initial uplifting sensation followed by physical relaxation.

You can order these and many more Fast Buds seeds from SeedsPlug. We offer discreet, fast delivery throughout the US from our South California headquarters.

Does More Light Equal More Yield?

Autoflowers need at least 18 hours of light to produce good yields. Some growers claim that using up to 24 hours of light increases yields. We suggest you experiment with different light schedules (between 18 and 24 hours per day) and see what works best.

Light intensity matters, too. Although some growers may think 1000 watts will give them an amazing yield, PPFD is a more accurate measurement than wattage since efficient LEDs emit more light with less wattage. PPFD measures how much light actually arrives at your plants.

If you’re growing outdoors, your plants will receive less than 18 hours of sunlight per day. But since sunlight is more powerful than artificial light, they can still thrive. Sunny locations like South California, Missouri, or Texas will be better for outdoor growing than northern climates like Illinois or Pennsylvania.

How Do I Get My Autoflowers to Grow Big Buds?

LST, or low-stress training, can increase bud size and overall yield on your autoflower. LST involves bending and tying down branches to encourage the plant to grow sideways. This allows the bud sites to get more light, resulting in bigger nugs. Be sure to only train your autos during the vegetative stage, not the flowering stage.

How Do You Get Big Colas?

Autoflowers usually have one large main cola that contains most of the buds. Many cannabis growers prefer to prune the plant (also known as topping) to encourage it to grow multiple smaller colas with a bigger overall yield.

But if you prefer the look of one big cola or if this works best in your grow space, avoid topping so the flowers will be concentrated on the central cola. You can also choose strains that grow in this shape.

More Tips to Increase Autoflower Yield

Since autoflowers grow more quickly than photos, they don’t have much time to recover from the stress of transplanting. We recommend starting your autoflowers in their final containers. Use a 3-5 gallon pot for each large autoflower, or grow many smaller autoflowers close together in a Sea of Green setup using medium pots.

Autoflowers need nutrients to produce high yields, but be careful not to overfeed them. We recommend starting with one-quarter to one-half the recommended amount of nutes for photoperiod varieties.

Boost Your Yield with the Best Autoflower Seeds

While many techniques can increase autoflower yield, one of the most important factors is choosing the right cultivar. Fast Buds seeds are designed for incredible yields thanks to their unique genetics. SeedsPlug is Fast Buds’ USA distributor, shipping seeds throughout the US with fast delivery to Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and all other states.

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