New Autoflowering Seeds Varieties

Autoflowers are relatively new to the cannabis scene compared to their photoperiod indica and sativa counterparts. That means that every year, autoflower seed banks breed new strains that are more potent and easier to grow than ever.

Whether you’re looking for a fast harvest, high yield, or high THC, you’ll find our favorite new feminized strains below. They’re all available from SeedsPlug with shipping throughout the United States, including Texas and San Diego.

What Is the Fastest-growing Autoflower Strain?

Banana Purple Punch goes from seed to harvest in just 8 weeks, making it one of the fastest autoflowers. It’s also extremely strong, at up to 26% THC. This lady is easy to grow, reaching up to 4 feet tall and yielding 2-7 ounces per plant of gorgeous purple and pink buds coated in trichomes.

Banana Purple Punch ranks among our favorite indica-dominant strains, producing a strong sedative effect that’s great for stress relief and sleep. You’ll also love the fruity terps that taste like:

  • Ripe bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Citrus
  • Fuel

Gorilla Punch is another strain that can produce excellent yields in just 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest. It produces dense, golf-ball-sized buds with a unique spicy, citrusy taste. At up to 26% THC, it’s a great social strain that will make you feel talkative, creative, and anxiety-free.

Gorilla Punch won first place at the Autoflower World Cup 2022, with Fast Buds autoflower seed bank taking home the award for Best Sativa Strain.

What Is the Most Popular Autoflower Strain?

It’s hard to pick just one, but Gorilla Zkittlez is a strong contender for the most popular auto flowering strain. It grows quickly, nearly doubling in size in the first few weeks of flowering, and will reward you with generous yields.

Gorilla Zkittlez has a candy-like fruit flavor profile with hints of classic woody and spicy terpenes. With a powerful 25% THC content, this is another one of our favorite indica-dominant strains. It won third place for the Best New Strain in the Autoflower World Cup 2022.

What Is the Strongest Autoflower Strain?

At up to 27% THC, Strawberry Gorilla is one of the strongest autoflowers to date. It’s a monster plant that reaches up to 5 feet tall and yields tons of frosty buds with bright orange hairs.

Strawberry Gorilla has a gassy strawberry flavor and is a balanced hybrid that’s perfect for enjoying all day long. This auto flowering strain produces a strong aroma while growing, so we recommend a carbon filter to avoid attracting too much attention.

What Is the Easiest Autoflower Strain to Grow?

If you’re new to growing autoflowers, Amnesia Zkittlez is a great strain to start with. It has an ideal structure, so it doesn’t require much pruning or support, and it grows vigorously without extra nutrients. Like all autoflowers, Amnesia Zkittlez is easier to grow than photoperiod cannabis, which requires a complex light cycle to start flowering.

Amnesia Zkittlez is a sativa-dominant hybrid with up to 24% THC, producing an almost psychedelic effect that gradually gives way to full-body relaxation.

What Is the Highest-yielding Autoflower 2022?

Cherry Cola produces a colossal harvest of beautiful, frosty buds with striking orange hairs. It’s a large plant that can yield 1.6-2 ounces per square foot indoors or 2-9 ounces per plant outdoors, helping you get the most smoke for the price.

Cherry Cola has an impressive THC content of up to 25%, producing a powerful balanced high that hits you right away. It has a delectable mix of sweet, fizzy, and berry terps.

What Strains Are Super Autoflowers?

Super autoflowers are strains that are bred to be as tall, strong, and high-yielding as regular sativa and indica strains. All the varieties above and all the Fast Buds seeds we sell at SeedsPlug are considered super autoflowers. The strains above grow up to 5 feet tall with yields of up to 11 ounces per plant.

SeedsPlug is your source for the best new feminized strains at a great price. We offer discreet, convenient shipping to San Diego, Texas, and throughout the United States.

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