Though autoflowering plants can adjust to various lighting environments, more powerful lights tend to result in better-quality yields. This is why LED lights are one of the most popular lighting options among autoflower growers today, and many find that LEDs provide the perfect lighting conditions under which your autoflowering plants will thrive.

There are several reasons why growers experience such success with LED lights for autoflowering cannabis indoors. Primary among them is the fact that LED lights are designed to mimic natural sunlight – the conditions under which plants thrive to their fullest – by omitting blue and red lights essential to healthy plant growth. Moreover, LEDs are designed to promote photosynthesis, and many carry features such as reflecting lenses and double chips to increase coverage, light penetration, and brightness.

In this article, we discuss a variety of different LED lights that are designed specifically for indoor growers, and created with emphasis on factors that are essential to optimizing your yield. Though there are too many examples on the market to include in this list, these products and descriptions should give you an idea of what to look for when browsing the market for an LED grow lamp. Moreover, this article attempts to include a diverse range of lights for different growers and growing setups, from lightweight lamps for 2×2’ tents to larger, more powerful lamps for those using larger spaces to grow multiple plants simultaneously.


BESTVA LED Reflector Series Model

As the most recent addition to BESTVA’s COB Series, the BESTVA COB LED Grow Light is specifically designed for indoor growing: energy-efficient and equipped with a complex self-cooling system, this light is perfect for indoor growing setups of all shapes and sizes. This full-spectrum light maintains a high lumen balance to provide ample coverage, penetrate your canopy, and promote healthy root and plant growth. while providing ample coverage to penetrate your canopy. This light is especially effective during the flowering stage, providing optimal brightness to promote photosynthesis while mimicking natural lighting conditions. Moreover, this versatile light provides coverage suitable for a variety of tent sizes.

Advanced Platinum Series p300 300W

This Advanced Platinum Series product is one of the best options for beginners, or to those looking to buy an LED lamp on a budget without sacrificing quality. This model is offered in many different wattages, providing a wide variety of options that can be customized to your indoor growing setup. Perfect for small grow tents, this LED grow light is lightweight and compact, though its small stature doesn’t compromise the strength and power of the light it emits.

King Plus Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

King Plus Double Chips LED Grow LightThe unique design of King Plus’ Double Chip LED Grow Light maximizes the brightness of this effective and cost-efficient product. This full-spectrum LED that comprises two 5W chips, rather than single chips typically used by other LED grow lights. Due to its double-chip design, this lamp emits light much brighter than the more common, single-chip LEDs. In addition, the King Plus Double Chips LED Grow Light is user-friendly, durable, and energy-efficient. It offers the coverage necessary to penetrate your canopy. Moreover, this product features an innovative cooling system: its LED board is perforated with small openings that release heat, complemented by fans and vents to promote stable temperatures.

Kingbo LED Grow Light

This light by Kingbo offers a 1500w, high-powered grow lamp that incorporates a twelve-band spectrum, offering various LED colors while optimizing primary blue and red lights. This product is designed to deliver wavelengths specifically suited to the vegetative and flowering stages of the growing cycle, and designed to mimic the rays that plants would receive under natural sunlight. The Kingbo LED Grow Light uses double chips, which concentrate the light emitted to offer superior brightness. In addition, this product boasts a high PAR Lumen output. Energy-efficient, cost-efficient, and warranty-covered, this is the perfect light to maximize plant health.

Roleadro 3500k Sunlike Plant Light Full-Spectrum Dual-Chip

Roleadro Plant Grow LightThis Roleadro Plant Grow Light offers customized features to maximize efficiency and effectiveness when growing indoors. This LED plant lamp offers a switch that modulates light to optimize plant growth during the vegetative and flowering phases, respectively. This full-spectrum lamp aims to mimic sunlight to recreate the growing conditions that cause plants to thrive when grown in natural settings, while offering the convenience and power necessary to optimize your harvests when growing indoors.Rather than only offering blue or red light, this grow light is designed to provide an ample spectrum of light that intends to facilitate growth and plant health throughout the entire growing cycle. This lamp also offers a daisy-chain connection, connecting two COB lights to concentrate brightness while optimizing coverage, scope, and energy efficiency. In addition, the Roleadro LED Plant Lamp features a reflector lens that amplifies the scope of the lighting area, while enhancing output and expanding coverage.

Lush Lighting Dominator 2XL

The Lush Lighting Dominator 2XL light is specifically designed for those interested in growing larger yields indoors. This product produces light levels exponentially higher than lamps designed for small growers or with less powerful output. This LED light concentrates the light it emits so as to maximize brightness and produce more powerful rays. For experienced indoor growers working with multiple plants at a time, this is an excellent option to optimize light penetration and provide broad coverage for larger indoor grow tents.

Hortilux PowerVeg T5

The Hortiulx PowerVeg T5 Grow Light is designed using cutting-edge technology for innovative lighting features that make this LED lamp perfect for indoor growers. Designed specifically for promoting photosynthesis indoors, this lamp puts out a full spectrum of high-intensity light with high UVA and UVB levels. This light is unique for its high UV output, and uses a proprietary method to tune wavelengths to optimal levels for plant growth.


Like autoflowering plants themselves, LED lights are low-maintenance and don’t require alteration during different phases of the growing cycle. Moreover, they are known to promote healthy, vibrant plant growth indoors, and their increasing popularity is a testament to their great results.

LED lights

No matter what option you choose, know that if you do your research, any high-quality LED light (such as the ones listed above, and many more) will be a long-lasting, rewarding, and worthy investment. Many if not most of these products come with warranties ranging from one to three years, and most of these grow lamps have impressively long lifespans. Compared to other lighting options, LEDs are much more energy efficient and durable.

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