Autoflowers are the perfect way to start growing your own cannabis from seed. For the best results, make sure you start with high-quality seeds from a seed bank with good reviews. Ordering feminized seeds will ensure you get only female plants, rather than wasting time and money growing male plants that don’t flower.

The patchwork of different cannabis regulations throughout the USA can make it hard to find seeds to start your growing journey. SeedsPlug sells a wide selection of feminized autoflowering seeds at reasonable prices, and we offer shipping throughout the country, from New York to Washington.

Which Autoflower Seed Is Best?

The best autoflower seeds depend on your preferences, including what type of high you’re looking for and what kind of terpenes you like. You should also consider how quickly the plant will grow and how large it will be.

It’s hard to choose, but we think Pineapple Express Auto is one of the best autoflowering strains. This automatic version of the classic has an incredible mix of tropical fruit flavors. Pineapple Express Auto is a large plant that grows up to 4 ½ feet tall and produces huge yields.

Gelato Auto is another crowd-pleasing strain. It’s extremely potent, with up to 26% THC. Gelato Auto is a compact plant that’s easy to grow in small spaces.

Are Autoflowering Seeds Easier to Grow?

Photoperiod cannabis, which includes indica and sativa strains, needs a specific light schedule at different times of its life cycle to produce flowers. This means you have to change the light schedule with timers if you’re growing indoors or wait for the right season to grow outdoors. But autoflower cannabis will produce buds with the same light schedule throughout its life, making it ideal for beginners.

Many growers also think it’s easy to grow autoflowers because they grow up much faster than photoperiod cannabis. Autos only take 9–10 weeks on average to grow from seed. This gives you opportunities to experiment with different strains and growing conditions to see what works best.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Autoflower from Seed?

Some autoflowering strains are ready to harvest in as little as 8 weeks, while others take up to 12 weeks to reach maturity. Autoflower seeds germinate within a few days of planting. Then, your autoflowers will go through the following growth phases:

  • The seedling phase lasts 2-3 weeks. During this stage, the plants will develop their first few leaves. You can start giving your plants low doses of nutrients during the second week, but keep in mind that autos need less nutrients than photos.
  • The vegetative phase takes place during weeks 3 and 4. This is when the plant develops new leaves, stems, and branches. You can use low-stress training (LST) to improve your plant’s structure to help get a high yield later.
  • The flowering phase starts around week 5. Your plants will develop tiny buds that will gradually grow larger and become sticky. When the pistils change from white to amber, it’s time to harvest. In the last week, flush your plants by watering them with plain water (no nutrients) to remove extra nutrients and get a better-tasting smoke.

This schedule is dramatically quicker than that for photoperiod cannabis, which can take anywhere from 10 to 32 weeks to harvest.

What is the Easiest Autoflower to Grow?

While most autoflowers are easy to grow, you can make things even easier for yourself by choosing a strain that flowers quickly, is resistant to diseases and mold, and doesn’t require too much training.

One of our favorites is White Widow Auto. This strain is ideal for beginners since it requires minimal maintenance and is very hardy. White Widow Auto is high-yielding and reaches maturity in just 9 weeks.

How Much Does an Autoflower Yield?

High-yielding autoflowers can produce anywhere from 2 to 10 ounces of bud per plant. Many factors affect yield, including the strain, container size, water, light, nutrients, training techniques, and whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors.

SeedsPlug offers high-yielding, extremely potent autoflower seeds with a germination guarantee at great prices. We provide discreet shipping across the USA, from Washington to New York.