Growing marijuana at home is a little expensive. However, there are lots of essential tools that are considered necessary. This article aims to give you full information on how to build a cannabis grow box, highlight the required tools you need to make the project a success and also provide a detailed step by step instructions on creating your cannabis grow box yourself.

The best strain to consider growing at home is the cannabis Ruderalis also known as auto-flowering ruderalis. It is an excellent fit to grow indoors, especially if you do not have plenty of space indoors. This strain has an ‘Autoflowering feature’, which gives it the ability to transition from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage with or without a change in the light circle. Modern ruderalis plants will start to flower on their own 3 to 4 weeks after they germinate from the seeds.

The best attributes of the Autoflowering marijuana plants are:

  • They are smaller – this makes them easier to hide, and also fit into your indoor grow box easily;
  • They have a rapid high growth rate and are very resistant to the pest than many marijuana strains;
  • The harvesting period is scheduled for ten weeks, irrespective of the lighting situation. However, to get a quality strain is essential you follow due process. 


When setting up your small grow room, you should take your time because creating an optimal growth environment for your cannabis is essential and a key decider for a big harvest. Your plant’s productive growth circle is interconnected with the quality care and positive energy directed towards your grow room. 

You could consider using an attic, closet, or a similar space. A loft is an excellent option because you can easily control temperature all year round due to its extraordinarily insulated and stealthy qualities. However, if you want to reap more harvesting rewards it’s best you dedicate a spare room for growing. Also, you mustn’t use any detached unit segment of your house like the garage or shed are highly risky areas to grow cannabis. 

Before you select a grow room area its important the location you plan on choosing has the following qualities:

  • Electricity – stable power supply to run the grow room efficiently. Also, the wring should safe to avoid a fire outbreak;
  • Air – the air should be fresh and clean with equipment like a carbon filter, a CO2 regulator, and an inline fan;
  • Water – fast and easy access to water;
  • Hidden – reduce the chances of theft or discovery;
  • Ventilation – proper ventilation to encourage growth;
  • Temperature – the area, selected should be cool and be above 60f(15C);
  • Surrounding Walls – the walls should be able to reflect and focus on lost light effectively.

Setting Up Your Grow Room

  1. Clean up your grow room;
  2. Design your indoor grow room;
  3. Select the numbers of plants you want to have, dimensions of your room, and the placements of the lighting;
  4. Keep space in the room for easy access to the plants;
  5. Prevent light leaks by covering interior windows and cracks during and after grow room set up. 

Step by Step Grow Box Instruction 

Usually, your grow area will fit 1 – 5 plants at a time. You are free to use an old refrigerator, a closet, hot press, a box, or a cabinet. 

Step 1 – In this step, you will have to get the box, light, and air vent you want to use, then adjust the brightness to a suitable level, make a large hole unit to create airflow. Then place a fan in one of the holes to extract hot air in the grow box. Then customize your fan speed higher than your air removal fan.   

Step 2Choose the right reflective surface for your walls. The right walls will increase the amount of light by about 30 %. To get an excellent result, get your plants as close to the box walls as possible.  You will have to paint the walls a Flat white or use Mylar to get maximum light for your plants to absorb.

Step 3 – Put your plants in separate pots then place them by the side by in the box. You might have to get clones to germinate in different compartments inside the box. However, if you have a big grow box, you’ll not need to have clones in your box. Your plants will go through their entire life cycle in the box.

If you are diligent in taking care of your plants and you use the right strain, you will be able to bag 4 ounces of bud in every 30 days, but this depends on the size of your box. 

Indoor Soil Grow Kits

You could buy an all in one indoor kit or purchase the components in part. The call is yours to make. If you are in doubt about the tools you need for your grow room, here goes the list: Grow tent, Extractor fan, Reflector, Lamp, Ballast. 

Other materials in the kit include

  • 5 x saucers for pots 
  • 2x jubilee clips
  • A pair of rope ratchet lightening hangers   
  • Single roll of aluminum duct tape. 
  • 1 x 50L Bag of Biobizz light mix organic soil 
  • 1 x 1L Biobizz Bloom nutrient 
  • 5X 10L round plastic pots 
  • 100mm 4 “dia aluminum ducting- 5m long
  • 1 x 1L Biobizz Grow Nutrient. 
  • A 24hour segmented plug-in timer

The COB lights are top-rated amongst the LED lights, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. Their COB produces an incredibly bright light. They provide more intense rays than other brands of LEDs. COB lights are popularly used; they are known for penetrating the plants. 

How to Take Care of your Plants 

To take optimal care of your plants, you need a daily grow room checklist. In this list, you monitor your plants daily by ensuring due process is followed from the vegetative stage to the harvesting stage. Follow the steps below:


The first step you should for light is to make sure there is a proper distance between the lights and the plants; This will make them get the appropriate proportion of light and prevent the plants from burning out. Make sure you check your lights, timers, and powers, ensure they are working correctly. Lastly, clean the bulbs, lamp holders and ensure they are shining bright.


You should consistently change the water and nutrients every two weeks. Also, you have to monitor the H2O levels in the reservoir. Since H2O evaporates, you have to maintain a consistent mix by adding only H2O and not the nutrients.  

PH levels 

Observe the strength of your nutrient solution ensure it is accurate. You can do this by checking the pH levels in the nutrient solution, make sure it is close to 6.0 as possible. 


Extremely cold or hot temperature will stunt the growth and sometimes kill the plant. Maintain the daytime temperature at 75 °F while you keep the night temperature at 68-72°F (20-22.2 °C). The heat can drop by 10 °F or 15 °F but never below 10 °F this will affect the growth of the cannabis

Clean and Check the environment 

You should make it a habit to clean up the grow room, check for pests, spider mites, fungus, and any other abnormalities that could affect the lives of your plant. Ensure everything is working fine. 

Air & Humidity

A stable airflow will ensure a stable lifespan of your plant. Keep the humidity at 40% -50% to eliminate moldy bud rot. Lastly, eliminate odors and ensure the airflow system is working correctly.  

In conclusion, keep your grow room/box clean at all times. This will increase the chances of their survival. If you follow the procedures and requirements listed above, you will grow your cannabis at home and have a  good Harvest.

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