Humidity is a crucial factor for growers to monitor during every phase of the growing cycle for autoflowering cannabis plants. Proper humidity control during each respective phase of growing will lead to larger yields and bigger plants, while promoting overall plant health. As we discuss below, humidity must be monitored and altered during each phase of the indoor growing cycle. Granted that you invest in a quality humidifier, this can be accomplished with ease.

In this article, we provide an overview of optimal humidity levels for each phase of the growing cycle, providing indoor growers with a guide to optimize plant health and ensure satisfying yields from their autoflowering cannabis plants.

Humidity During the Seedling Stage

Humidity During the Seedling Stage

The seedling stage refers to the phase of the growing cycle that comes after germination. When your autoflowering cannabis plants enter the seedling phase, they will begin to grow leaves. During this phase, however, plants have yet to establish a root system sufficient for roots to absorb water. For this reason, autoflowers in the seedling stage require higher humidity levels;

with their roots yet to grow, higher humidity allows seedlings to absorb water through their leaves. For this reason, we recommend keeping humidity levels between 65-70% during the seedling stage of the growing cycle.

Humidity During the Vegetative Stage

When your seedlings transition into the vegetative phase of the growing cycle, their roots will begin to develop, while their leaves will continue to flourish. Once your plants’ root systems are established, humidity levels should be lowered, generally by 5% for each week of the vegetation period. As the roots grow, they will absorb more water, making it unnecessary to maintain the high humidity levels that were once necessary for plants to absorb water through their leaves. Rather, during this phase, evaporation will occur through the leaves of your autoflowering cannabis plants, cooling temperatures in your indoor growing environment. While lowering your humidity levels by 5% during each week of this stage in the growing cycle, be sure to stay within a range of 40-80% humidity.

Humidity in the Early Flowering Period

The flowering phase can be divided into two periods early and late and refers to the final stage of growth for your autoflowering cannabis plants. During this phase, it is crucial to further reduce humidity levels to a range of 40-50%. This is crucial, as humidity levels over 60% in the flowering phase can harm your autoflowering cannabis plants. In addition to lowering humidity levels, it is recommended that you slightly lower your temperatures during this stage as well.

Humidity in the Late Flowering Period

The late flowering period refers to the final phase of growing that occurs about one to two weeks before your final harvest. Continue to lower your humidity levels during this crucial phase of the grow cycle, reducing humidity to a range of 30-40%.

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By following this guide, you can rest assured that your humidity remains at optimum levels during each phase of indoor growing and as a result, you will see your plants thrive while maximizing your eventual yields.

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