Articles on the business and economics of the cannabis industry, including trends and forecasts.

Keepin' it Green: Tips for Fresh Weed! | SeedsPlug

Keepin’ it Green: Tips for Fresh Weed!

Proper storage is vital to preserving the quality of your cannabis. Exposure to oxygen, light, and heat can all degrade the potency and flavor of your weed. Storing your cannabis in the proper conditions will help you maintain the quality of your stash for longer. Proper storage can also prevent mold and other contaminants from affecting your weed.

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Investing in Cannabis: Opportunities & Risks | SeedsPlug

Investing in Cannabis: Opportunities & Risks

The cannabis industry presents a significant opportunity for investors, but there are risks and uncertainties that need to be understood. Investing in cannabis requires a thorough understanding of the industry, the regulatory environment, and the companies that operate in the industry. By following the right strategies, investors can mitigate risks and maximize returns in this emerging market.

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