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Strawberry Pie Auto

Strawberry Pie Auto grows charming green and pinkish buds covered in trichomes from head to toe with thin and long light orange hairs. It has light purple, red and yellow leaves coming out of the buds, making her a truly exceptional and attractive cultivar.

Amnesia Haze Auto

A huge yielding, Haze dominant hybrid that is ready to chop in just 70 days. She will grow vigorously and
Items available:48

Bubble Gum Auto

A plant that is easy to grow with harmonious, rich strawberry flavors, top shelf potency, quick blooming capabilities and will
Items available:55

AK Auto

One of the most resilient autoflowering varieties on the planet. She can be grown indoors or outdoors and withstand all
Items available:48

Cheese Auto

One of the most unique autoflowering terpene profiles we’ve ever created! A big yielding, highly potent, short sized, terpene heavyweight
Items available:57

White Widow Auto

She is an old school legend, multiple world champion with an insane resin profile earningΒ  her the name. One of
Items available:39

Sour Diesel Auto

An autoflowering West Coast Legend for fuel lovers. High in THC levels, reaching 21% with the world famous fuel, citrus,
Items available:29

Chemdawg Auto

The Perfect Fuel-Flavored Power House! For those who love pungent, gassy, fuel terps with a knock out effect. A tough,
Items available:67

CBD Auto 1:1 (CBD Crack)

Taste Mango
Room Indoor | Outdoor
Gender Feminized
Genes Sativa / Indica
Genetics Green Crack x CBD Autoflowering
Flowering 9-10 weeks (flushing at 60 days)
Harvest L
Height US up to 35 inches
THC Very Low
CBD Very High
Autoflowering Yes

Critical Auto

A super reliable, highly resilient and very easy to grow plant that boasts an impressive THC level close to 20%,
Items available:66

Russian Auto

Top quality harvests in just 8 Weeks! An indica dominant hybrid that is very easy to grow, with a short
Items available:83

Skunk Auto

Epic yields of Skunky buds The sweetest strain in our Original Line as well as one of our quickest to
Items available:64